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5 years anniversary show | 2008

The location on opening night. Photo by Lui Roq.

In July 2008 we celebrated our fifth anniversary - in style. A rundown, huge, 1.500 square meter location (formerly a movie theatre, partially burned down) on two floors, that we converted into a unique exhibition space with 30 artists from around the world, an unforgettable opening night to tell our kids about, with the crowd lining up around the building, live music, performances and more, all under a clear blue Hamburg summer sky ...

The artists: 56k, Akane Kimbara, Alex Diamond, Alexey Mirni, Antonio Santin, Blami, Boris Hoppek, Casey McKee, Christophe Lambert, Jim Avignon, Jon Burgerman, Kingdrips, Karen Koltermann, Ki Yoon Ko, Lena Schmidt, Luiza Mogosanu, Lui Roq, Mike Swaney, moki, Stephen Smith/Neasden Control Centre, Nina Braun, Pandarosa, Patrick Farzar, Rinzen, Thomas Markus Schumann, Victor Castillo, Rai Escale, 4000

A trip down memory lane: here are the pictures and videos (below) from the show.