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Alex Diamond


Alex Diamond: The Milkman Of Human Kindness. Multi-layered woodcut, acrylic paint, resin, 115 x 85 x 9 cm (45” x 33,5” x 3,5”), October 2015. Click for more information.


‚Alex Diamond‘ was initiated as a stand-alone art project by Jörg Heikhaus in 2004. Although it has outlived its original intent, it has become his stage name as an artist.

Essentially being a determined and straightforward storyteller, most of his artwork can be seen as an exploration of contemporary culture and its recurring social recognition patterns, with strong references to popular content and aesthetics. 

Known for skillfully employing a vast variety of different techniques and crafts over the years, the majority of his oeuvre today consists of his distinctive trademark woodwork: multi-layered, meticulously and highly detailed sculptural woodcuts, blended with diverse painting and pigmenting styles.

Jörg has been an artist since 1987. He founded the heliumcowboy gallery in 2002 and worked as a curator for large art projects. Today he spends most of his time creating his complex woodwork or rare and intricate drawings and is only excecuting a representational and consulting role within the heliumcowboy organization. 


available artwork | alexdiamond.net

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Images from past shows (selection): 

Weapons Of Mass Seduction I (with Victor Castillo) | Sept 2014

'DESIRECOLOGNE', Die Kunstagentin, Cologne | Jan-Feb 2013 (external link)

'WIPE OUT', Installation at Millerntor Gallery 2012 (by Viva Con Agua) | Sep 2012

The Alex Diamond Mining Company: You can have your cake, but you can't touch the icing (Kunstverein Buchholz/Nordheide) | Jan - Feb 2012

The Alex Diamond Mining Company (Vicious Gallery, Hamburg) | Aug - Sep 2011

Into The Night (Nice/Nice, Hannover) | Feb 2011 

Damage:Control (with Boris Hoppek, Factory Fresh, New York) | Mar 2010

Demon Circus (at Iguapop, Barcelona) also: watch the video | Feb 2010 

Don't worry 'bout a thing! (Being Alex Diamond) | Oct 2009

Love me with a Gun to my Head | Nov 2007


Alex Diamond: (We ain‘t in Alaska, but) It appears to me that the dark has a lot more territory. Multi-layered woodcut, acrylic paint, 120 x 160 x 10 cm (2014). Click for more information. 


Exhibitions (selection)


Weapons of Mass Seduction (with Victor Castillo) - heliumcowboy, Hamburg
#heliumcowboytakeover (with Elmar Lause) - Mercedes me Store, Hamburg
Knotenpunkt 14 - groupshow, Hamburg 


The daily mood of ... - Herr Beinlich Contemporary Fine Art Space, Bielefeld
DESIRECOLOGNE - Die Kunstagentin, Cologne


PSYCHONOISEDESIRE - feat. ADAMEVA and Jo Fischer, heliumcowboy, Hamburg
The Alex Diamond Mining Company: You can have your cake, but you can't touch the icing - Kunstverein Buchholz/Nordheide


The Alex Diamond Mining Company - Vicious Gallery, Hamburg
Into the night - Nice/Nice Galerie, Hannover 


Preview Berlin Art Fair – with heliumcowboy artspace; Berlin, Germany
Mountain to Surf – group show, heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
Street Art New York – Silent Auction Benefit for "Free Arts NYC" at Factory Fresh Gallery; New York, USA
DAMAGE:CONTROL – joint exhibition with Boris Hoppek at Factory Fresh; New York, USA
Don’t worry ‘bout a thing 2 | Demon Circus – solo show, Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain


Charity auction – 15quadrat/Kunstclub; Hamburg, Germany
Don’t Worry ‘bout A Thing! Being Alex Diamond – heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
ARTotale – street art project curated by Rik Reinking; Lüneburg, Germany
Nachschlag! – group show in collab. with NoNewEnemies at heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
VOLTA5 – with heliumcowboy artspace; Basel, Switzerland
Threesome – group show curat. by ArtBAstard.com at Nice Nice Exhibition Space; Hannover, Germany
Das Herz von St. Pauli – group show, Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain


SCOPE Art Fair Miami – with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
5 years heliumcowboy artspace – gallery anniversary exhibition; Hamburg, Germany
Unseen – group show at Art Basel Design Miami; Switzerland
No New Enemies – group show at Le Musee du Botanique; Brussels, Belgium
SCOPE Art Fair New York – solo booth, with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
Helping Hounds Of Hell – group show at Neurotitan and heliumcowboy artspace; Berlin/Hamburg, Germany


SCOPE Art Fair Miami – with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
SCOPE Art Fair Basel – with heliumcowboy artspace; Switzerland
Don’t Wake Daddy – group show at Feinkunst Krüger; Hamburg, Germany
Love Me With A Gun To My Head – heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
SCOPE Art Fair New York  – with heliumcowboy artspace; USA


SCOPE Art Fair Miami – special project Mural, with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
FriendsWithYou-Bootleg Show – group show at heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany


Gold, Kinder! – heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany


Alex Diamond’s Strange Sofa – incarnation exhibition, heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany


Publications (selection)



The Alex Diamond Mining Company – publ. by GUDBERG; Hamburg, Germany | more info/purchase online


Don’t Worry ‘bout A Thing! (Being Alex Diamond) – publ. by GUDBERG; Hamburg, Germany | more info/purchase online


Love Me With A Gun To My Head – exhibition catalogue, heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany

Besides, various features in international magazines and newspapers, among them:

ElPais (Spain)
Art Price (Korea)
GUDBERG (Germany)
Art Bastard (Germany)
DP Magazine (Taiwan)
Modart magazine (Europe)
ROJO (Spain)
Actitudes (Spain)
Blond (Germany)
Frame (UK)