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Under Construction


Well, yes, this site is, kind of. But so are we! The work on our new gallery space is making progress, but there's still a lot to do before we can move in.

Planned moving date: early May 2010. First exhibition in the new heliumcowboy artspace: "The road less travelled" with new works by Jeremy Fish. Planned opening date: May 29, 2010.

Until then, we'll post some pictures from the construction site on this page... 


Paint on the walls

Good, good. The walls have seen their first layer of white paint. And the windows are in. And the ceilings are mostly done. Other than that ... we're still patient. Waiting for the floors, the doors, the installations. So we can start with our work in the new space. So that everything is ready for the arrival of Jeremy Fish.

Well. We'll open the doors May 29 no matter what.



How to find us (on May 29)

(click image to enlarge)There's a concrete floor now, and windows, and paint on the walls! Unfortunately, when going over this afternoon with the camera, all doors were closed, so I'll upload new pictures early next week. But we got a sweet little map now showing our new location. And yes, it's only 5 min to the Stadium. Was this a prerequisite for the selection of the location? Hmm. I dunno! I DUNNO!  


Progress Report

News from the Baustelle: It is making progress, but due to the long winter it is also running behind shedule. Our planned opening date with Jeremy Fish (May 29) is not in danger, but the last construction workers will probably shake Jeremy's hand on their way out when we start to set up his show ...

Some pictures from the status quo, taken on March 31st:


Main gallery room Main gallery room
Main gallery room, looking towards the lobby The lobby. View towards main gallery room.
Storage Room. View towards main gallery space. The workshop and artist studio.

The walls are out.

Outside view of Bäckerbreitergang 75 - the former Lost & Found.

Nice guys, these workers. Just in time before we travel to New York, they tore out all the walls we didn't want, opened doors where there were none before, and started to plaster the walls. The rooms already feel pretty good, an I am sure that this will become an amazing space for us to work and show art.

The building was used in the past by the City of Hamburg - it was the Lost & Found. We'll be moving into the downstairs floor, which we will have all to ourselves.

We'll set up a very good storage room - a walk-in storage, so we'll be able to quickly show clients works that are not in the current show.

Additionally, we'll turn one room into an artist studio and workshop. If you run a gallery, you probably know that there is always a lot of stuff to be constructed and build for many exhibitions (and I love this a lot about my job) - soon we'll be able to do this on-site.

Because we also get a shower and a space to sleep over, our visiting artists will be able to work and live in the new gallery when they prepare their show. 

Yes yes, we'll also have a lot of space for the actual gallery room left. Did I say I am planning on buidling a bar including a kitchen in the main room? You just wait and see. 

Some first impressions: 

 Entrance area. Or The Lobby, if you want to use that term.

The main gallery room.The workshop.Storage. But this is a really poor photo.