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Boris Hoppek

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Boris Hoppek is one of the most prominent European contemporary artists coming from a background in Street Art and Graffiti. He has been an acclaimed name in Graffiti since the late eighties, where he spearheaded the introduction of iconographic figurative elements into an at that time still young art movement. 

By focusing on topics such as sexuality, violence, racism, immigration and oppression in a very clean and accurate style, the artist isolates provocative themes for contemplation. His work lies between the perverse innocence of children’s drawings from a refugee camp, and the nihilism of an adult who knows too much about everything to be able to believe in anything in particular anymore.

Since 2004, the heliumcowboy artspace has exhibited his art in several solo and group shows as well as at numerous international art fairs. Boris Hoppek’s vast oeuvre includes painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and huge cardboard installations, which he set up all over the world. He is famous for his public interventions in the street, turning the uninitiated passers-by into protagonists of interactive art projects, which he captures in well-edited, non-scripted short films. 

Available Artwork 

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Images from past shows: 

60 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg | June 2015

Volta Art Fair | March 2010

Popo | May 2009

! Won't Fuck With You Tonight! | March 2007

Egal | Dec 2005

Micky Ficky Jesus | Dec 2004



Boris Hoppek: „Group Love Skul“. 2014, ink on paper, 70 x 50 cm  




KAMA sesso e design, La Triennale di Milano
‘ARRRGH! Monstres de Mode’, La Gaîté lyrique, Paris.
FUN FACTORY, Museum of Sex, New York


NOVA, Festival de Arte, Sao paulo
Mini Mundos, N2 Gallery, Barcelona
Full of Love, Atopos, Athens
Swab, Art Fair, Barcelona
Fame Festival, Grottaglie, Italy
Insiders, N2 Gallery, Barcelona
Bloop Festival, Ibiza, Spain
Milestone Festival, Girona, Spain
Encouraged, Blokker Gallery, Madrid
Happy Medium, Nancy Victor Gallery, London
WeArt, Barcelona, Spain
Inter-views, Curio Studio Gallery, Los Angeles


meanwhile in deepest east anglia thunderbirds were go, Von der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal
Fame Festibal, Grottaglie, Italy 
"Can you see the rainbow from there?", Tsunami Charity Exhibition, Tokyo
Group Love, Mural, Digital arts college Expression in Berkley, san francisco
The helping hounds of hell 2, Charity Exhibition, Berlin & Hamburg
Why Christmas?, Buro Discount, Zurich


Fame Festival – group show curated by Studiocromie; Grottaglie, Italy
Mountain to Surf – group show, heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
Urban Superstar Show – group show at MADRE Museum for Contemp. Art; Napels, Italy
Ever – solo show at Diesel Denim Gallery; Tokyo, Japan
Art Brut 010 – street art exhibition; Barcelona, Spain
DAMAGE:CONTROL – joint exhibition with Alex Diamond at Factory Fresh; New York, USA
VOLTA NY Art Fair – solo booth, with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
group show – at MACRO Museum; Rome, Italy


1989 – Since artspace; Paris, France
True Self – group show curated by Gary Baseman at Jonathan LeVine Gallery; New York, USA
Apocalypse Wow! – MACRO (museum of contemporary art); Rome, Italy
VOLTA5 Art Fair – with heliumcowboy artspace; Basel, Switzerland
Popo  – heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
The Urban Art Superstars – MADRE, Museu d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina; Naples, Italy
PICTOPIA! - group show during Pictoplasma Festival at Haus der Kulturen der Welt; Berlin, Germany
Das Herz von St. Pauli – Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain


SCOPE Art Fair Miami – with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain    
5 years heliumcowboy artspace – gallery anniversary exhibition; Hamburg, Germany
SCOPE Art Fair Basel – with heliumcowboy artspace; Switzerland
Rojo Art Space; Milan, Italy
No New Enemies – group show at Le Botanique; Brussels, Belgium
We love Asbaek – Rojo Artspace; Copenhagen, Denmark
Fumetto International Comix Festival; Switzerland


Galeria Marita Segovia; Barcelona, Spain
Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain
I won’t fuck with you tonight – heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
SCOPE Art Fair New York – with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
SCOPE Art Fair Basel – with heliumcowboy artspace; Switzerland
SWAB artfair Barcelona – with Iguapop Gallery; Spain


SCOPE Art Fair Miami – with heliumcowboy artspace; USA
COLOGNE ART FAIR – with heliumcowboy artspace; Cologne, Germany
Almeria Biennale; Spain
cardboard city installation – BBB bread and butter barcelona; Spain
Trust Nobody – collective exhibition w. freaklub, inocuo, a.o.; Barcelona, Spain
Maffia Club collective exhibition; Italy
Espai Pupup Gallery with santiago taccetti; Mallorca, Spain


deciBELIO – Festival; Madrid, Spain
ROJO.apolo video projection “music conduo orchestra”; Barcelona, Spain
RUGA.dagens bilag video “everything is going to hell”, dvd video compilation
Project FOX: 3 Rooms at Hotel FOX, artcar at StudioFOX, international art project; Copenhagen, Denmark
Primerasalto – streetart festival; Zaragoza
MAGMA gallery; Manchester, UK
Make Feet Beautiful – group exhibition; Paris, France
Eurocultured – Street Art Festival; Manchester, UK
cardboard city installation – BBB bread and butter barcelona; Spain
Stay Gold Gallery: collective; San Francisco, USA
In Plush We Trust – plush toy collective exhibition with Friends With You, doma a.o.; Chicago, USA
Illustration and Paintings – with Sancho Panza, Büro Discount; Zürich, Switzerland
Galeria Marita Segovia; Madrid, Spain
egal – heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany


FAD ModaFad – group show with Ferran Adria, Bigas Luna, Marti Guixet; Barcelona, Spain
Doodlebug – Street Art Festival; Manchester and London, UK
Pictoplasma Conference 01; Berlin, Germany
RINZEN, neigbourhood, toy remix – Collective toy remix with RINZEN, FriendsWithYou, mumbleboy, a.o.
Stay Gold Gallery: collective; New York, USA
Micky Ficky Jesus – heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
silenci – group show with missvan, Carles Congost, a.o., Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain


Kulturbunker Galerie; Cologne, Germany
OFFF 03 – onlineflashfilmfestival; Barcelona, Spain
sexo extra ordinario ahora – Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain
ROJO collective show – Iguapop Gallery; Barcelona, Spain
Urban Art Galerie; Berlin, Germany
Infusion Festival – Conference; Equador
Galerie Revolver; Düsseldorf, Germany


Publications (selection)


Akt Now! –
Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art – Gestalten; Berlin, Germany
La Vagina3 – exhib. catalogue; Tokyo and Barcelona, Japan and Spain


Apocalypse Wow! – exhibition catalogue MACRO (museum of contemporary art); Rome, Italy
Lavagina2 – exhib. catalogue, heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany


Lavagina – exhib. catalogue, heliumcowboy artspace; Hamburg, Germany
the oneweekend bookseries vol #8 – Publ.; Germany/Spain
tranquilo – monography, ROJO; Barcelona, Spain


The Picture Book: Contemporary Illustration – Author: Angus Hyland, Laurence King Publishers; UK
the oneweekend bookseries vol #8 – Publ.; Germany/Spain
tranquilo – monography, ROJO; Barcelona, Spain


Boris Hoppek y Sancho Panza – monography, publy. by Die Gestalten; Berlin,  Germany


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Besides, features in several international magazines and newspapers.