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heliumcowboy: The Beginnings.

This year is a special year for us: the heliumcowboy artspace turns 15. On July 15 we will open the big anniversary exhibition COWBOYLAND featuring 55 international artists (more info / facebook event).

From time to time heliumcowboy-founder Jörg Heikhaus will share a picture and some memories here on our website and on facebook. This is his first story - about the very early days in the first gallery location in Sternstraße 4 in Hamburg-St. Pauli.

Jörg Heikhaus, founder of the heliumcowboy artspace, in the first gallery in Hamburg 2002

"Throwback to … 15 years ago: This is the first portrait of me taken at the brand new heliumcowboy artspace in Sterntraße 4 in Hamburg. 

Behind me are some good ol’ stupid oil(!)paintings I did back then. I rented that place as a workshop for me as an artist, but once I’ve moved in I immediately decided that though it was a really great studio, it was at least equally perfect for making exhibitions. 

And that’s what I wanted to do now: create my own art AND make shows with other artists in the same place! I started out by inviting friends to exhibit there, but quickly moved on to finding exciting, upcoming national and international artists and brought them to my little gallery space in Hamburg St. Pauli. 

However … doing my own art became more and more difficult now. Running a gallery is very time-consuming and requires a lot of energy and passion. But look on the bright side: the progress and success of heliumcowboy may have driven my personal art out of the artspace, but eventually led to the “birth” of Alex Diamond in 2004. Well, but that is a different story that shall be told at another time …  "    



Make sure to come and celebrate with us at the exhibition COWBOYLAND - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace, opening July 15 - you can subscribe to the facebook event here

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