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Mountain To Surf: new works, and extended show dates!

Alex Diamond: The Flying Fisherman, 2010 | woodcut, acrylic paint, 50 x 70 cm |  click image for more info / prices & availabiltyWe've extended the show times for our current group exhibition "Mountain To Surf": it will run until October 15, so right after the PREVIEW art fair in Berlin we'll be part of Oct 8-10. 

Until then we'll add new works to the show - first in stock is this brand new Alex Diamond wood-carving above. 

More info and images:

About the show

Pricelist and Artwork Overview

Images from The Opening & Preview Dinner 

Gallery Views


Mountain To Surf: Exhibition Views


open tuesdays - fridays, 12 a.m. - 7 p.m. 

Exhibition View from Mountain To Surf; © heliumcowboy

And now for some actual views of the exhibition Mountain To Surf ... please click the image above or this link to view the gallery views of our current group show. 

And some current news: we'll be extending this show until October. Jo Fisher's opening will be postponed to middle of August. So there's enough time to visit and check out the art of Nina Braun, Jon Burgerman, Victor Castillo, Alex Diamond, Boris Hoppek, Jeremy Fish & Casey McKee.

More info an images:

Pricelist and Artwork Overview

About the show

Images from The Opening & Preview Dinner 



Mountain To Surf: Images from all the cooking, dining, pre-viewing. 

"Sunset over Baker's Ridge". The 2nd course. Click picture to see all images. © heliumcowboy artspace

Uploaded the images from the Preview Dinner (and from setting up the show, and the process of cooking for it at the gallery kitchen) we hosted September 1st for the opening of the Group Show "Mountain To Surf", featuring works by Nina Braun, Jon Burgerman, Victor Castillo, Alex Diamond, Boris Hoppek, Jeremy Fish & Casey McKee.

The menue.

And yes, before you ask:  

* this place is run by a cowboy who can cook, so no catering service was involved;
* all food was prepared on location at the new gallery kitchen, that's one of the reason's why the space doesn't resemble a white cube and why we do call it the Ranch;
* and everyone got out alive, well fed and healthy.


There was no time yet to take decent pictures from the installation of the artworks, this will follow later this week. You may, however, check out the artwork overview:


Now open: Mountain To Surf - Group Show


We are pleased to present the 2010 Season Opening Exhibition showcasing 7 artists from our gallery. The exhibition will feature painting, photography, drawing, wood cuts and sculpture, with works by:

Nina Braun, Jon Burgerman, Victor Castillo, Alex Diamond, Boris Hoppek, Jeremy Fish & Casey McKee.

Friday, Sep 3 - Friday, Sep 17, 2010

open tuesdays - fridays, 12 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Most of the works shown at "Mountain To Surf" have never been exhibited in Hamburg before. These works have been presented at fairs and exhibitions in Basel (Mountains), New York (somewhere in between = To), Barcelona/Miami (Surf) ... you get the idea.

Mountain To Surf is also the name of a small annual run I've participated in Lorne, Australia ages ago, that begins in the mountains (hills...) above the coast, continues on forest tracks through the bushland (woods) and ends on the beach, almost in the surf (it really does - after the finishing line you are basically standing right inside the breaking waves).


(Image: Alex Diamond - Mountain To Surf; wood carving, acrylic paint, 30 x 20 x 6 cm (2010)


Stephen Smith a.k.a. Neasden Control Centre in Eindhoven

© Stephen Smith

Our long-time companion Stephen Smith, also known as Neasden Control Centre, opens his large solo-show "More with less" at the MU in Eindhoven on August 20. All information about this exhibition can be found at his website or over at No New Enemies (who'll also most likely post a follow up after the opening).

Wish we could be there, Steve. Best of luck, and I am sure it's going to be massive.



Back on deck.

© heliumcowboy

All cowboy's are back at the Ranch. Damn, the summer in France was also nice. Very. 

Real updates soon.



Jon Burgerman: Pictures from the opening

Pictures from last weeks opening of Jon Burgerman's exhibition "The Lossy Botany Lab" at our galley are online now. Check this link to view them.


Building the greenhouse for the Lossy Botany Lab

Stopmotion animation from the construction of the Laboratory/Greenhouse for Jon Burgerman's exhibition "Lossy Botany Lab", opening tomorrow (Thursday!!!), July 1st (from 8 - 11 pm).

Jon is currently painting the outside ...

More images from setting up the exhibition can be found at our Facebook page (click here).



The Lossy Botany Lab needs you! 

Donations are necessary for research to continue. We are currently very close to realising our goals for the grand launch of the Lab on July 1st. Some fascinating new discoveries have been unearthed, which we can't wait to share with you. 

Please give us your poor plants, your tired tulips, your huddled grasses longing to be free... And they can contribute and become an essential part of the Lossy Botany Lab. 

Donators will receive a small yet valuable gift from the president of the Lab, Mr Jon Burgerman, as a thank you at the opening gala event on the evening of July 1st.  House plants, cacti, small shrubs, potted herbs, sticks with leaves on them, will all be gratefully accepted. 

Just drop them off at the Lossy Data Lab HQ: heliumcowboy artspace, Bäckerbreitergang 73-75, UNTIL TUESDAY, June 29 the latest! The earlier the better!


Jon Burgerman is in town.

Photo © heliumcowboy

Jon Burgerman arrived in his home away from home. No, he's not afraid. Just a bit cold. Coming from sunny England that's totally understandable ... 

More info about his upcoming show with us (Lossy Botany Lab, Vernissage Thursday, July 1st, 8 - 11 pm) here.