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Stephen Smith a.k.a. Neasden Control Centre in Eindhoven

© Stephen Smith

Our long-time companion Stephen Smith, also known as Neasden Control Centre, opens his large solo-show "More with less" at the MU in Eindhoven on August 20. All information about this exhibition can be found at his website or over at No New Enemies (who'll also most likely post a follow up after the opening).

Wish we could be there, Steve. Best of luck, and I am sure it's going to be massive.



Back on deck.

© heliumcowboy

All cowboy's are back at the Ranch. Damn, the summer in France was also nice. Very. 

Real updates soon.



Jon Burgerman: Pictures from the opening

Pictures from last weeks opening of Jon Burgerman's exhibition "The Lossy Botany Lab" at our galley are online now. Check this link to view them.


Building the greenhouse for the Lossy Botany Lab

Stopmotion animation from the construction of the Laboratory/Greenhouse for Jon Burgerman's exhibition "Lossy Botany Lab", opening tomorrow (Thursday!!!), July 1st (from 8 - 11 pm).

Jon is currently painting the outside ...

More images from setting up the exhibition can be found at our Facebook page (click here).



The Lossy Botany Lab needs you! 

Donations are necessary for research to continue. We are currently very close to realising our goals for the grand launch of the Lab on July 1st. Some fascinating new discoveries have been unearthed, which we can't wait to share with you. 

Please give us your poor plants, your tired tulips, your huddled grasses longing to be free... And they can contribute and become an essential part of the Lossy Botany Lab. 

Donators will receive a small yet valuable gift from the president of the Lab, Mr Jon Burgerman, as a thank you at the opening gala event on the evening of July 1st.  House plants, cacti, small shrubs, potted herbs, sticks with leaves on them, will all be gratefully accepted. 

Just drop them off at the Lossy Data Lab HQ: heliumcowboy artspace, Bäckerbreitergang 73-75, UNTIL TUESDAY, June 29 the latest! The earlier the better!


Jon Burgerman is in town.

Photo © heliumcowboy

Jon Burgerman arrived in his home away from home. No, he's not afraid. Just a bit cold. Coming from sunny England that's totally understandable ... 

More info about his upcoming show with us (Lossy Botany Lab, Vernissage Thursday, July 1st, 8 - 11 pm) here.


Back to (almost) normal.

Gallery is open again as usual, tuesdays - wednesdays 12 a.m. - 7 p.m.. Still some construction work going on outside, but other than that ... all good.

Last week of Jeremy Fish at the gallery next week, and Jon Burgerman is alreaday on his way to Hamburg ...




Closed for construction. Back on Friday. 

... just wanted to let you know that the gallery will be closed this afternoon (Wednesday) until Thursday night. We'll be open to the public again on Friday. Sorry!


What really happened. 

Jeremy Fish and me handing over all responsibility to Willi, the gnome. Click image to see all pics from the opening. Photo by Jon Dragonette.Now this has been featured over at No New Enemies this weekend. It's from the long email I sent to Harlan Levey when he asked how things went ... a personal recap of the weeks and days before the big reopening of our new gallery with Jeremy Fish's "The Road Less Travelled".

Click to read more ...


Come in, we're open: Pictures from the Vernissage.

Click image above to see all the photos from setting up the show and the vernissage on May 29.What a night! A big big thank you goes out to everyone who came, and those who supported us in bringing it all together and finishing in time for the opening! Jeremy Fish's exhibition "The Road Less Taveled" is a fantastic opener for our new gallery space, truly amazing work! We had a great time setting it all up, thanks so much Mr. Fish for all the nightshifts and hard work you put into it! Okay, I'll stop with the exclamation marks now!!!!

We uploaded some pictured from the set up and from the vernissage, click the image above or this link to see them all. 

You can visit the exhibition Tuesdays to Fridays from 11 am - 7 pm. The construction work will still go on for a while, but we'll be there if you want to look at the show. If in doubt, send us a mail or call 0151-12 7373 69 and make out an appointment with us.