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Boris Hoppek: Photos from Tokio

Back from Tokio and his exhibition "Ever" at the Diesel Denim Gallery, Boris shared some photos with us on his website. Click this link to see them all. 


Cowboys from outer space.

Well. More like "outer space, version 1974". And truly just a tinfoil-impression from the construction site of our new ranch. Full progress report on the building of our new gallery space, to open May 29 with Jeremy Fish and his exhibition "The road less traveled": continue reading here (includes new pictures).


"Urban Superstars" in Naples

While most likely police cars will be burning in Hamburg and Berlin tomorrow, Naples sees the opening of a very special exhibition at Museum MADRE: "Urban Superstars", an exhibition covering the fields of "Urban Art, Pop Surrealism, LowBrow, Underground Art and international young Contemporary Art" (quote from their website). 

The show, curated by David Vecchiato, runs until December 12 and boasts an impressive line-up of influential artists from all across the world. Amongst the 40 artists you'll find the "heliumcowboy superstars" Boris Hoppek, Jim Avignon, Jon Burgerman, Victor Castillo and Jeremy Fish. And your most favourite Doodle-Popstars, ANXIETEAM, will perform live on May 2nd. 

For complete info follow this link to the Urban Superstars-website

(Image: Victor Castillo, "Broken Faces", acrylics on canvas, 300cm x 230 cm. Created while Victor was in Hamburg for his show "Restless and Wild", Nov/Dec 2009)


New in the online-store: Alex Diamond Demon Caps

New addition to our online-store: baseball caps, hand painted by Alex Diamond. More info and all details in the shop, click here.


The future of Rap: The Dogs of Shame

You're going love this: The Dogs of Shame, "the collaborating duo of hip-hop legend Wayne Horse and attitude expert Abner Preis", dished out another video. Grabbed it off the No New Enemies website, there are many more pics and other videos available. And an insider report by No New Enemies-author Maxi. Make sure to follow this link.

And have a great weekend.


Boris Hoppek: Art & Interviews in Japan

Today Boris Hoppek opens "Ever", his first solo-exhibition in Tokio at the Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama. He is also giving out a lot of information to the media, which, if you know Boris, is not always a matter of course...  

Here's a nice interview with Shift magazine about the show. There will be an article in Pen Magazine shortly, but all we could get our hands on so far is this photo (below) Boris took from this man under the bed at the gallery, who apparently is the Pen-photographer taking a photo of Boris who is taking a photo of the photographer ... well, you get the idea.


For more reading material on Boris you may also move over to the new No New Enemies-website, where they've just published my text from small-things.eu about him: In Bed with Boris


Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch.


You'd think it's much bigger. The dinner table. The one that Jo Fischer carries around with him, taking photos of 1000 people sitting at it. Two lovers with a bottle of red and tiny plates fit around it. It's really that small.

Roughly three years ago, Jo Fischer picked up a camera and started to work as a professional photographer. The story behind his decision to get his first camera is a story of its own, one that I am sure will be told many times very soon, because Jo is bound to be one of the most talked about young photo artists coming from Germany.

Click to read more ...


Casey McKee: exhibition in Frankfurt

Casey McKee will open his solo exhibition "Mistakes Were Made" at Galerie Greulich in Frankfurt this Friday. We had a chance to take a peek at the brand new works he will be showing, and there's just one word: amazing. The exhibition does not have a single theme and is not one coherent series as with most of Casey's shows in the past, but consists of various works based on individual subjects. 

If I were in Frankfurt, you'd definitely find me at Galerie Greulich's space on Fahrgasse 22 from 7 pm on Friday, April 16!

For more information on Casey, check our artist info or his website.



Lavagina #3 coming soon

Boris Hoppek is on the road to Tokio, where he will open his solo exhibition at Diesel Denim Gallery Aoyama on April 21st. Curated by Kimiko Mitani Woo of MW Company, the show is called "Ever" and will also see the launch of the third issue of Boris' Sex-Magazine "Lavagina". Both, the show and the magazine, are taking "aim at Western cliches concerning Japanese culture". 

Boris promised to send some copies to us before he leaves for Japan. If he keeps his promise, we'll soon post it here - and as usual you can order the magazine in our online shop (Lavagina 2 is still available, just follow this link).

Hmmm. Sushi.


Nina Braun at Pictoplasma (and in the press)

Nina Braun is returning to the stage from her maternity leave - with full force: This weekend, she will speak on the panel at pictoplasma in Berlin, proabably the world's largest conference for character design and the universe around it. Her presentation is scheduled for Saturday afternoon (1.30 - 3.30 pm). Location: KINO BABYLON, Rosa-Luxemburgstr. 30.

For our german speaking followers: Today, the Tagesspiegel (Berlin) features Nina in a large interview, go and read it here