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The show is over ... but big things coming up.

(click image to view photos from the exhibition)Our fantastic exhibition with artist duo ADAMEVA is over. Since April 7, we've been living in 60ies-meets-80ies-meets-pop-art-of-today frenzy here on the Ranch. heliumcowboy loves ADAMEVA, and we're all so happy that you've grazed this place with your wonderful art. 

After removing miles and miles of Gaffa-tape from the walls and getting them back to gallery standards (erm ... white), next week we'll set up an in-between group show for the duration of summer. It's going to be a blend of works from our resident artists like Nina Braun, Jo Fischer, Alex Diamond, Jon Burgerman - and we also continue to show some paintings by ADAMEVA. More info soon.

End of August/early September we'll have very special guests here from New York: Lori Zimmer will be curating a spectacular group exhibition, set up in an evenly spectacular environment (build by Ryan Brennan) inside our gallery. The show opens September 1st, and we'll let you know more about all this shortly.

On October 6, Feinkunst Krüger, Das Magazin (run by der artlawyer) and heliumcowboy will kick off the 2nd gallery walk within the borders of Hamburg-Neustadt. This time, we'll have a few other art places on the route as well ...

At heliumcowboy, we'll celebrate this event by inviting a big line-up of international artists to our city, joined by some of our regulars. They will create a very intense gallery experience for our guests that night, just through the intensity of their work. All the different angles and styles we'll combine in this exhibition will present an amazing showcase, giving a great insight into an established contemporary art scene of today that still has the sweet taste of underground between its fangs. 

Funny blog post, teasing you with amazing shows - without any artist names. We are still in the process of outlining the final details for the exhibitions in September and October, so we will keep quiet a short while longer. No worries, it'll be worth the wait.  


ADAMEVA: Finissage, May 24

Our current exhibition ADAMEVA closes this week. We'll celebrate one more time with a Finissage this thursday, May 24, from 7 - 11 p.m.!




Jo Fischer & Alex Diamond collaboration.

 (Alex Diamond & Jo Fischer, "Va Belou", drawing with ink pens on ORIGINAL JO FISCHER PHOTOGRAPHY (Giclée on Tetenal semi matt paper 240gr, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2012)Alex Diamond's Magazine Drawings are back: between 2007 - 2008, Diamond produced a large quantity of these drawings for exhibitions in Hamburg and New York, which sold out immediately. Drawn straight into the magazines with fine ink pens, they are on-the-road, instant artworks. 

Since today, three very unique drawings are online: for the first time, Alex Diamond collaborates with Jo Fischer, applying the same style and technique as in the magazine drawings series over original photographs by Jo. These works come signed by both artists.

The Magazine Drawings-series run outside of most of the things Alex Diamond does, and you can only purchase them through his online-shop at etsy.com. Better be quick, they tend to sell out fast. However, the shop is updated with new work quite frequently.

(Alex Diamond & Jo Fischer, "ADAMEVA", drawing with ink pens on ORIGINAL JO FISCHER PHOTOGRAPHY (Giclée on Tetenal semi matt paper 240gr, 21 x 29,7 cm, 2012)



ADAMEVA continues ... until May 25.

Our current exhibition with/by ADAMEVA will be on display for another week - we just extended the show until May 25.  

If you wish to see the show, please send us a quick mail, contact us on facebook or give us a call: 040 - 484 088 60

more info: 
available artwork | Photos from the Vernissage
about ADAMEVA | ADAMEVA website


Alex Diamond has a throne.

photo © Alex Diamond 2012Alex Diamond goes Royal: a new project emerges from the workshop of The Alex Diamond Mining Company, read about it here: alexdiamond.net

From the website of Alex Diamond:

"fresh from the workshop: the throne. built from wood used in the installation at kunstverein buchholz, jan-feb 2012. life-size and all. to be used in upcoming shootings, and, erm, as a throne.

alex diamond goes royal

p.s.: and just so there is no confusion: this is not meant to be the throne of alex diamond. it's a throne built by alex diamond to be used by others. I will invite several people to take a seat, and then make photos thereof. coming soon."


Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch: Deichtorhallen, 28. April

(click image for more info | photos © Jo Fischer)

Am Samstag, den 28. April stellt Jo Fischer ab 20 Uhr (bis tief in die Nacht) im Rahmen der "Langen Nacht der Museen" seinen Tisch in den Deichtorhallen auf. Wer noch nicht dran gesessen hat oder nochmal will - das ist die Gelegenheit.

Saturday, April 28, starting at 8 p.m. (and from then on through the night), Jo Fischer presents "Herr Fischer bittet zu Tisch" in the Deichtorhallen and invites everyone for a photo at his table.


More Info about the project on heliumcowboy.com
More Info about the event by Deichtorhallen Hamburg


ADAMEVA: Gallery open this Saturday, 11 - 18

Just wanted to let you know that the gallery will be open this Saturday, April 21, from 12 - 18 h. Mary, one half of ADAMEVA, will be here throughout the day. 

We'll be posting our daily opening hours onfacebook, if you like to stay updated on when it is best to visit us, please feel free to check our page

If you wish to see the show outside of these hours, please send us a quick mail, contact us on facebook or give us a call: 040 - 484 088 60

more info: 
available artwork | Photos from the Vernissage
about ADAMEVA | ADAMEVA website


ADAMEVA: Exhibition views online

(click image to see the image gallery with more exhibition views)Exhibition views from the inaugural exhibition of ADAMEVA, April 7 - May 18, 2012.

If you wish to see the show, please send us a quick mail, contact us on facebook or give us a call: 040 - 484 088 60

more info: 
available artwork | Photos from the Vernissage
about ADAMEVA | ADAMEVA website


ADAMEVA: limited edition Giclée print available online

ADAMEVA, Ich & Du, limited Edition Giclée.

We published this beautiful print on the occasion of the inaugural exhibition of ADAMEVA at the heliumcowboy artspace on April 7, 2012, and it is available for purchase not just at the gallery, but in our online-shop as well.

ADAMEVA: Ich & Du 

Giclée printed on Hahnemühle Baryitpapier 325g, 33 x 48 cm (2012)

Edition of 20 / 5 AP, signed and numbered

Now available in our online-store (link)!


ADAMEVA: Vernissage-Photos by Jo Fischer

Photo © Jo Fischer

What a night! Pictures from our Vernissage of the exhibition by artist duo ADAMEVA are now online - just click on the image above or visit this link.

more info: 

available artwork 

about ADAMEVA 
ADAMEVA website

Jo Fischer

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