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#heliumcowboytakeover: Vernissage & Concert ADAMEVA

Having fun at the Mercedes me Store: The heliumcowboy crew and ADAMEVA installing the show. (Foto © heliumcowboy)

We're ready to roll: After a week of installing and setting up shop at the Mercedes me Store, the #heliumcowboytakeover begins with the first exhibition of our month long program:

FRIDAY, DEC 5, 7-10 PM:

Ballindamm 17, Hamburg (google maps | facebook event)

We're all set up and ready now, so please join us tomorrow (Friday) from 7 to 10 pm for the Vernissage of our first exhibition at the Mercedes me Store.

ADAMEVA, who are not only known for their large-format, explosive pop-art canvases created with tape and acrylics, but their music as well, will also release their very first record at this show. 'EKSTASE' will be published in a very limited edition on Vinyl only, and each record comes with individual and original cover art. ADAMEVA will also give a short concert featuring some of their Electropop songs that night.

Interested in a sales preview? Let us know at sales@heliumcowboy.com!

ADAMEVA at work: Tape art for the store window. (Foto Lina Schmidt © heliumcowboy)

We've also been setting up the '#heliumcowboytakeover Gift Shop', which will be a permanent installation throughout December with art editions, original works, books and other shiny things to buy.

The 'Gift Shop' is located next to the emergency exit (true fact), and will be open during the regular hours of the Mercedes me Store (monday - saturdays 10 am - 8 pm).

Address: Mercedes me Store, Ballindamm 17, Hamburg.

Installing the #heliumcowboytakeover Gift Shop inside the Mercedes me Store. (Foto © heliumcowboy)


The program: #heliumcowboytakeover of the Mercedes me Store

December is around the corner and we are ready for the #heliumcowboytakeover of the Mercedes me Store, Hamburg!

heliumcowboy Founder Jörg Heikhaus (image right) was invited to be the host at the store for the month of December, and under the programmatic title #heliumcowboytakeover he's put together a program of live-art performances and exhibitions as well as panel discussions and artists talks.


Click here to view the complete program. If you wish to get updates on our activities and special events, please follow us on facebooktwitteror instagram.




The heliumcowboy gallery will be taking over the Mercedes Me Store in Hamburg, Ballindamm 17, throughout December.

Jörg Heikhaus, our gallery founder, is the host of the month and invites to live-art performances and exhibitions featuring artists ADAMEVAElmar Lause and Alex Diamond as well as to panel discussions and artists talks with Yasha Young (Urban Nation), Daniela Hinrichs (DEAR Photography), Rudolf Klöckner (Urbanshit) and Judith Waldmann (Affordable Art Fair). 

We'll update this site soon with the complete program, here's the quick list:

Friday, Dec 5: ADAMEVA - Vernissage, concert and LP release

Friday, Dec 12: Panel feat. Yasha Young, Daniela Hinrichs, Rudolf Klöcker. Moderated by Jörg Heikhaus

Tuesday, Dec 16: Artist talk: ADAMEVA, Elmar Lause, Alex Diamond. Moderated by Judith Waldmann

Friday, Dec 19: Elmar Lause & Alex Diamond - Vernissage 




Writing for zeit.de: About Judith Waldman and the AAF

Our gallery founder Jörg Heikhaus is an author for the Hamburg-blog of Germany's biggest weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. He writes mostly about art, obviously. In german. 

His latest article just launched today:

Judith Waldmann's Emerging Artist Exhibition: Gewagt und sperrig

Es ist wieder Kunstmessezeit in Hamburg: Die Affordable Art Fair (AAF) lädt nun bereits im dritten Jahr in die Messehallen ein. Neben dem bunten Treiben auf dem Marktplatz für internationale Galerien hat sich mit der Emerging Artist Exhibition auch eine nicht-kommerzielle Ausstellung auf der AAF etabliert. Über diese besondere Plattform für junge, unbekannte Künstler sprach ich mit Messemanagerin Judith Waldmann.  (...) 

Hier geht's weiter | continue reading

Photo above: © Kathrin Brunnhofer



Mercedes Mixed Tape #59 | Cover artist Alex Diamond

Alex Diamond Cover artwork for Mercedes Mixed Tape #59.Check out the latest Mercedes Mixed Tape #59, which just launched November 7 - here. Cover artist: Alex Diamond. For some more information on the artwork check alexdiamond.net.


Elmar Lause's superlarge mural 'Supasupa' in Hamburg

Elmar Lause, one of the artists we will present at our #heliumcowboytakeover at the Mercedes Me-Store this December, painted his largest mural to date for Knotenpunkt-Festival this fall.

This video documents Elmar's work on 'Supasupa' at Tornquiststraße, Hamburg.

Read more about it at urbanshit


ADAMEVA | EKSTASE: First music video, feat. Samy Deluxe

And here it is: ADAMEVA released their debut video, EKSTASE feat. Samy Deluxe.

On December 5th they will publish this song as their first ever single, on the evening of the opening of their exhibition at the Mercedes me Store in Hamburg, where they will give a short live gig. This exhibition will be curated by heliumcowboy during Jörg's month as the host of this brand new Mercedes flagship store. Stay tuned and check for updates here.


Alex Diamond designs 'Geberit Water Lounge' for Stefan Marquard's new Restaurant Hase+Igel

Stefan Marquard, Thomas Brückle & Jörg Heihaus aka Alex Diamond in the "Geberit Water Lounge" at the new Restaurant 'Hase & Igel', which opened in October. Photo: Boris Zorn

Earlier this year Alex Diamond has been invited by celebrity chef Stefan Marquard and by Geberit, the european market leader in sanitary technology, to develop and execute an artistic concept for the luxurious bathroom facilities of Marquard's new restaurant called 'Hase & Igel'.

The restrooms are equipped with Aqua Clean shower toilets and beautiful, high-end luxury modules by Geberit (called 'Monolith'), which Alex Diamond included in his artwork, using silkscreen printing on the glass parts. The entry and hallway in front of the bathrooms underwent a massive paint job, and now the whole environment is called the 'Geberit Water Lounge' - and it is absolutely not your average restroom anymore ...
Same with the restaurant: 'Hase + Igel' is definitely a very different culinary and aesthetic experience, Stefan Marquard and his whole crew certainly know the meaning of Punk, and are living the Rock'n Roll life, be it in or out of the kitchen.


For proof and more images click here (picture gallery at alexdiamond.net)


Detail of the 'Geberit Water Lounge' at the Restaurant 'Hase+Igel' in Düsseldorf. Photo © Boris Zorn

Writing for zeit.de: About Laurence Vallieres at Knotenpunkt 14

Our gallery founder Jörg Heikhaus is an author for the Hamburg-blog of Germany's biggest weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT. He writes mostly about art, obviously. In german. 

His latest article just launched today:

Laurence Vallieres: Lasst die Eisbären in Ruhe!

Bildhauer, die im Großformat arbeiten, haben es nicht leicht. Ihre Arbeiten sind schwer zu transportieren und zu lagern. Daher finden sie seltener Ausstellungsmöglichkeiten als Maler oder Fotografen, die sogenannte Flachware produzieren. Laurence Vallières, Skulpturen-Künstlerin aus Montreal, zeigt jetzt auf dem Knotenpunkt-Festival, wie man diese Schwierigkeit umgehen kann: Sie arbeitet mit Karton, mit verhältnismäßig leichtem Material also. Und sie erschafft ihre Skulpturen direkt im Ausstellungsraum. (...) 

Hier geht's weiter | continue reading

Photo above: © Rudolf D. Klöckner



Weapons Of Mass Seduction | Victor Castillo & Alex Diamond

In case you still don't know what the excitement is all about, here it is, freshly released: a fantastic video from our recent exhibition 

by Victor Castillo & Alex Diamond
Sept 13–27 2014

In case you are interested in available artwork from the exhibition, please check our artwork section for paintings from Victor Castillo and Alex Diamond.

A million Thank You's for the exceptional work goes out to master filmmaker Tobias and Kool Motion Pictures !!! 

And another very big thank you of course to Nitro 17 & Jo Fischer for the Soundtrack!
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