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heliumTALK #06: Ralf Krüger

On Friday, July 14 - the evening before the opening of our anniversary  exhibition COWBOYLAND - we host another edition of heliumTALK, the art talk TV show of Jannes Vahl from Clubkinder e.V. and Jörg Heikhaus.

Our guest: Ralf Krüger from the gallery Feinkunst Krüger in Hamburg.

Ralf has been even longer in the business than Jörg - he opened his gallery 19 years ago. Together they will review almost 2 decades of gallery life in Hamburg. Needless to say that Ralf and Jörg have always shared a common goal - support the art and the artists and make great exhibitions for Hamburg and beyond. And despite being in the same shark tank, they have been close friends for almost 15 years now and have a lot of stories to tell.

The show will be recorded for television by TIDE TV. Doors open at 6 pm, the talk starts at 7 pm. It will take place inside the exhibition at the gallery.

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heliumTALK #05: Rudolf Klöckner, Urbanshit


heliumTALK #05 brings Rudolf Klöckner, founder of the URBANSHIT blog, to the Ranch. We will talk about the state of the Urban Art, such as the global changes to this art form in recent years - the rise from the ugly kid of the subculture to everybody's darling (???)... 

The talk takes place at the heliumcowboy gallery Wednesday, March 1st, 6–9 PM (Talk begins at 7).
More event information can be found on Facebook.


Rudolf Klöckner (Photo by Laura Köhnke)


28.09.: heliumTALK #04 | Daniela Hinrichs 

Daniela Hinrichs, DEAR Photography, and Jörg Heikhaus (heliumcowboy)

It's time for heliumTALK #04! This time Jörg Heikhaus (heliumcowboy) and Jannes Vahl (clubkinder e.V.) are talking with Daniela Hinrichs, internationally acclaimed art collector and founder of DEAR Photography, a platform for Photography (online & offline).

As always you are welcome to watch the show live and ask your own questions at the heliumcowboy artspace:

Wednesday, September 28, starting at 7 PM (doors open at 6 PM).

The video above is a short introduction - Jörg met with Daniela in her showroom DEARphotography in Hamburg's Kontorhausviertel for a little teaser for the talkshow.

heliumTALK is a new format of televised art talks and a cooperation of TIDE TV, heliumcowboy & clubkinder e.V.


In der Sendung „heliumTALK - Das Kunstgespräch“ treffen sich Jörg Heikhaus, Gründer der Galerie heliumcowboy, und Jannes Vahl vom Clubkinder e.V. mit interessanten Menschen aus der Hamburger Kunst. Am 28. September ab 18 Uhr kommt Daniela Hinrichs, eine der einflussreichsten deutschen Sammlerinnen und Gründerin von DEAR Photography, einer Internetplattform für Fotografie (mit Ausstellungsraum im Kontorhausviertel) in den heliumcowboy artspace.

Vorab hat Jörg sie im Kontorhausviertel zu einem kleinen Vorgespräch besucht.

heliumTALK #04: Daniela Hinrichs

am 28. September 19 Uhr (Einlaß 18 Uhr), heliumcowboy artspace, Bäckerbreitergang 75, 20355 Hamburg.

heliumTALK ist ein gemeinsames Format von TIDE, heliumcowboy und dem Clubkinder e.V..




TIDE TV, clubkinder and heliumcowboy present: heliumTALK#03 online

Video from the studio visit at Elmar Lause by Jörg Heikhaus (heliumcowboy) and Norina Quinte (TIDE TV):

And here's the video from the complete talk at our gallery between Elmar Lause and Jörg Heikhaus:

And here's the link to the complete heliumTALK-playlist by TIDE TV on youtube.


heliumTALK #03: On air 

Click image to see more photos from the artist talk between Jörg Heikhaus and artist Elmar Lause. Photo @ Julia Schwendner / ThisIsJulia Hosted by clubkinderHeliumcowboy Artspace and TIDE - Hamburgs Community Sender, "heliumTALK - Das Kunstgespräch" is a new format of public art talks that is broadcasted on TIDE TV and youtube. 

The latest show with artist Elmar Lause will debut on TIDE TV this Sunday, May 1st at 22:15 and will be repeated Wednesday, May 4 at 22:15. Elmar was interviewed by heliumcowboy founder Jörg Heikhaus (aka Alex Diamond)  

For additional screening times on TV please check http://www.tidenet.de/tv, we will provide you with the youtube links as soon as it hits the mediathek.

To stay updated on the dates and the next guests of our upcoming heliumTALKs, please follow this page or subscribe to our newsletter here.

You can find more images from the heliumTALK with Elmar Lause here.

Photos: © Julia Schwendner / ThisIsJulia Photography


clubkinder artist talk: The interview

In case you missed it: here's the full video from the clubkinder artist talk with heliumcowboy founder and artist Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond, which was held on January 22 at our gallery. Jörg was interviewed by Jannes Vahl, founder of the social organisation clubkinder e.V., which supports social projects in Hamburg. Jörg donated one of his trademark Alex Diamond-photodrawings (see here), which was auctioned for the benefit of Sport ohne Grenzen e.V., a youth basketball project in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

The artist talk is a new program at heliumcowboy. Together with clubkinder e.V. and TIDE TV, we will hold regular artist talks at our space that are beeing screened on TV and streamed online.

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Below: 2nd part of the artist talk with the questions from our visitors. 

Links from the Artist talk with Alex Diamond: 

Interview on youtubeQ&A on youtube