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curated by Lavinia Rosen



Opening hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 1–7 PM, Saturdays: Noon – 6 PM


Images from the opening of "Traces of Minimalism" are now online, just click this link or the image above!

You can also view the exhibited artwork by clicking here (or on the portfolio below).

Artwork Detail from "Palm Lined Streets" by Olly Fathers. Click image to view the Facebook Event for this exhibition.

Starting this fall, heliumcowboy will present a few shows put together by guest curators, challenging and enriching our galleries' program and the local art scene of Hamburg.

Starting with TRACES OF MINIMALISM by curator Lavinia Rosen, we immediately embark on a rather exceptional path, featuring carefully selected contemporary minimalist art by Alan Steele (USA), Donghwa Lee (Südkorea), Olly Fathers (UK), Swen Kählert (Hamburg) Yukako Shibata (Japan) and Tanja Soler Zang (Hamburg).

Minimalism is abstract. Minimalism is simple and the art of minimalism means to create with little means something of clear simplicity. The artists of the group exhibition ‘Traces of Minimalism’ share a similar creative process as they all have left traces of their work process in the form of imprints and material residues in their art works. Based on these indications and hints the viewer can imagine, see and understand how the art works came about. In the end it is those traces that give the art works their minimalistic character and beauty.

At the same time the group exhibition is also a search for traces in the history of art, because the movement of Minimalism developed in the 1960s in the US and proofs still inspiring for contemporary artists as this art movement has also left its traces in the exhibited art works.


For Alan Steele lines are essential. The New York based artist has already exhibited his linear drawings next to the famous names of minimalism like Sol  Lewitt and Will Insley. For the exhibition ‘Traces of Minimalism’ he has put his pencil aside and brings geometric forms into being simply by their imprint on white paper.

The South Korean artist Donghwa Lee comes with burning matches very close to her canvases – so close that she is able to actually draw with their smoke on to it. Where as we normally associate fire as an impetuous element, Lee is able to tame the wildness and to convert it into geometric forms in her smoke paintings.

Olly Fathers, based in London, creates fascinating 3D paintings made out of wood and Acrylic paint, which look like stylised city maps. He draws his inspiration from architecture and our interaction with it, which he visualises by the path of acrylic paint through a labyrinth of geometric figures.

The Hamburg based artist Swen Kählert has his routs in architecture and so his art is also concerned with aspects of space and expansion. Growth processes in nature especially fascinate him. His relief-like paintings evoke comparison with natural formations resulting from sediments, gravity or erosion. 

Japanese artist Yukako Shibata, based in London, creates with plaster, ceramic and oil paint weightless sculptures with an intense luminosity.  She only paints the hidden parts of her sculptures, so that their colour is only visible as a reflection in form colourful shadows on the wall.


Lavinia Rosen (image left) graduated in 2015 with an MA in Art Business and Contemporary Art form the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York and London. Since then she works as curator and art advisor in multiple disciplines of the art scene in Hamburg. 











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