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A pioneer among a new breed of galleries, heliumcowboy was founded by Jörg Heikhaus 2002 in Hamburg St. Pauli. The aim was to discover exciting young artists with the ability to blow away boundaries and to establish nothing less but the future aesthetics of art.

Since the beginning, our motto (and ethos) derives from an old 70ies song: „A cowboy‘s work is never done“. This in mind, we quickly expanded the gallery’s reach by showcasing artists from around the globe, organizing exhibitions abroad and in unusual places  (like this one), and taking part in acclaimed art fairs in New York, Miami, Basel, Cologne and Berlin.

heliumcowboy tirelessly supports artists by giving them the space and opportunity to fully explore and showcase their talent. Jointly, we have been getting our hands and minds dirty, achieving a shared goal: to establish a new breed of artists within the field of probably the „most contemporary“ form of fine art today.

Almost 15 years, more than 200 shows and art fairs and several locations later, heliumcowboy disposed of the traditional gallery concept with a regular exhibition schedule. We are focusing on supporting a very small and exclusive selection of artists only, developing and executing art projects and organizing off-site and on-site exhibitions as well as exhibiting at renowned art fairs.


"Stay true. Be honest. Do it with passion or don't do it at all. And always get your hands dirty." (JH)


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Photo taken from Sonny Bono Memorial Highway, Cathedral City, Palm Springs.
Interesting fact: In 1971, Sonny Bono wrote the song "A cowboy's work is never done" ... which has been our (official) motto since the beginning.
photo @ heliumcowboy