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In Bed with Boris

by Jörg Heikhaus | article was written for and published by small-things.eu, Jan 29, 2010


One of the most talked about artists of the past years, Boris Hoppek has developed a body of work that has grown so large that it is impossible to keep up with. Chararcterizing his work, it seems to be the total opposite of small.

But besides the massive installations or large scale murals and canvases he creates, Boris ostensibly churns out tiny works every minute of the day. Wherever he goes, his sketch book is with him. Whatever place he visits, the pens in his pockets can’t keep still.

This is the body of work I appreciate the most. The work that you can only discover when you keep your eyes open or are close to him. The poetry of the moment. The intimacy of an art star. While not beeing so good at the talking, Boris expresses his feelings visually. With only a few subtle lines, for instance doodled across a tablecloth at a small restaurant while sitting opposite of you, he is able to say more than other people in 1000 words.

In his own way, Boris has managed to document his private and personal life on the go. A lot of this is accessible through books, on websites, or  features written about him in on- and offline magazines. But the best stuff remains disclosed, unless you really get into the pit, open your eyes and look beyond the obvious provocations instigated by his porn- and violence-fuelled drawings, photos and paintings.

I am looking forward to the first quarter of this year, because it will give me the opportunity to travel again with Boris. I will visit him in Barcelona, and living at his pad for a few days is not only a rare opportunity, but also a journey to discovery lane.

We’ll also fly jointly to New York in early March, where we will build a large boxing gym made from cardboard and customized boxing equipment at the VOLTA art fair. The story behind this installation will not be fully understandable by simply exploring the spacious “sports”-venue or hitting the punchbags with Boris’ characteristic Bimbo-faces on them. You will have to take your time, and hunt for the tiny drawing in the corners, or above your head, or below your feet … Trust me: this will be the only chance you have to find out what Boris Hoppek is all about.